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Golf & Sports Performance w/ Kevin & Iain Highfield

Join PGA Pro Kevin Sprecher and sports performance expert Iain Highfield to learn how to practice and prepare better, so that you can bring your golf game to the next level. Kevin has long recognized the importance of science and technology as part of his game, and much of his success is attributed to keeping current with studies and technology. Learn to assess the "total picture" of body, swing, and equipment through physical movement, golf biodynamics, full equipment evaluations and more!

This class is perfect for golfers of all skill levels. It is open to anyone looking to just watch and learn, as well as those ready to do the work, move, and improve on camera while the class is happening. Clubs and equipment not required!

Iain Highfield aims to help all levels of golfer make swing changes stick and be able to transfer their range game to the golf course so they can enjoy shooting lower scores. Iain's obsession with the science of human learning and human performance has led him to becoming a mental performance coach to European Tour, LPGA Tour and collegiate golfers. Iain is now a published author who was featured on the Golf Channel and lectures at Penn State on how to think effectively and how to practice effectively if you want to improve your golf scores.

Duration: 60 mins
Price: $25.00

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