Lively: Meredyth Hunt - Love + Money: A Workshop in Hand Analysis


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Love + Money: A Workshop in Hand Analysis

Learn how you are designed through the lines in your hands. Often put in the same category as Astrology Readings and Tarot Cards, Hand Analysis is an ancient art of reading the lines in your hand that directly correlate to the lines in your brain. It's science, and it can tell you a ton about yourself.

Want to learn how to navigate towards love and money? Join this short 45-minute class and learn what your hands are telling you. Led by master teacher Meredyth Hunt, this easy and fun beginners class to hand analysis will teach you how to read your palms and pick out important information about your life patterns and how to maneuver with them.

Bring a friend and dive in! Do you have the Wealth Generator mark? What type of Heart line do you have? Let's take a look and find out!

Duration: 45 mins
Price: $25.00

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