Lively: Angie Banicki - Teaching the Tarot Series, Part 1: A 5-Week Workshop


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Teaching the Tarot Series, Part 1: A 5-Week Workshop

Whether you are looking to explore your inner knowledge and intuition using the cards, or want to learn to do readings, this 5-week course will help you connect deeper and get you on your path to knowing tarot, yourself and humanity on a new level.

In this course, Angie passes along her expert knowledge of this mystical practice, and shows how connecting to the cards will open you up and help you call in the things you want in life. There will be live tutorials from Angie, interactive Q&As, a little homework, and, of course, some fun and magical connections.

Classes are every Wednesday for 5 weeks, beginning October 7th through November 4th. All levels are welcome. Tarot deck required. Classes will be available for online viewing if you have to miss a class.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This series has already started. You can sign up for the next Part 1 series starting on November 24 HERE, or catch up on this series with the online viewing link.

Duration: 60 mins
Price: $500.00

Fully booked