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Restoring the Deep Feminine: An Experiential Workshop Series for Women - 4 Sessions

Join us for an embodied meditation 4 session workshop about restoring and celebrating the wisdom of the deep feminine - within ourselves and within our world. This workshop offers a transformative path for women of any age, background and discipline, at all phases of your life’s journey. We’ve all been influenced by a legacy of patriarchy that limits how we see ourselves and our unique gifts.The deep feminine does not support any gender-binary perception, but instead opens the door to rebalancing the lunar and solar, yin and yang, sacred feminine and divine masculine, aspects of nature, offering a radical path to wholeness.

The workshop will be 4 sessions beginning Tuesday, November 3, 10, 17 and 24 for 75 min each at 9AM PST/12PM EST. If you cannot attend all sessions, the recording will be available for playback.

This workshop is for people of all ages and backgrounds who identify as women, including a wide realm of gender expression.

Duration: 75 mins
Price: $300.00

Please Contact Us to request this offering.