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Learn how to make a meal that is delicious, healthy, lean on the wallet, and time saving. Two important lessons in the kitchen:

1. Always make more than you or your family can eat, so you have leftovers.
2. Cook food that can be crafted into several other dishes on different days.

Join me on April 7th and/or April 28th to sharpen your Chef skills and create a delicious, versatile meal. I will teach you how to make dinner and then turn those leftovers into several other delicious meals. These meals will help teach basic fundamentals to help you take on more recipes and become the kitchen hero in your household.

April 7th - Chicken Fajita Bowl

April 28th - Thai Salmon Rice Bowl

This booking is available to 1 household.


Melissa Harrison - Kitchen Rescue - Calling all Cooks!
  Wed, Apr 28 - 4:00 PM PDT

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