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Learn the fundamentals of jazz improvisation and how to use them in your playing IMMEDIATELY!

This workshop is based mainly on the Barry Harris System of Improvisation, which is Be-Bop based, but also from Ron's experience teaching improvisation to young students.

Your Goal: Start improvising, using real jazz phrases (not blues phrases but be-bop) on:
- Jazz Blues Progression in C, C Jam Blues
- Rhythm Changes, like “I Got Rhythm” Bb
- A standard, “I’ll Remember April” in G

By the end of the workshop, you should be able to make jazz licks or phrases on these tunes (as well as on any tune) if you follow this curriculum.

Can't make the workshop on this date or time or just want to rewatch? This will be recorded and available for playback for up to 7 days. All levels, ages and instruments are welcome! For guitarists, Ron will give you specific ways to practice your scales and phrases on the fingerboard.

- Knowing and memorizing your scales
- Importance of phrasing, timing and the placement of your improvisational phrases
- Memorizing basic chord progressions that are most common to Jazz standards
- Basic phrases that are easy and logical that can be used to play changes
- Learn why it is important to try to play scales, licks and tunes in all keys
- Importance of listening, memorizing tunes and scales and playing with people
- How to play and practice your scales and arpeggios over a jazz chord progression
- The major modes that jazz musicians most often use.
- Approach notes and enclosures.


Ron Jackson - Jazz Improv Workshop
  Sun, Jul 18 - 11:00 AM PDT

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