NFT Connect
Step 1
Create a Lively account or log in below.
Step 2
Connect your Ethereum account via MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.
Step 3
View and claim benefits offered for NFTs you own.
How does it work?
What happens when I click Connect Wallet?
When you click the Connect Wallet button on Lively, you will get a prompt in MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet to sign a message to verify you are the owner of the Ethereum account. We then store your public Ethereum address with your Lively account and use that to verify NFTs you own by using information publicly available on the blockchain. We match your NFTs with collections that can be redeemed for exclusive access, discounts and other benefits on Lively.
How do I claim my NFT benefits?
Once you have connected your Ethereum account, you can view and claim benefits from any browser. It does not require that the site remains connected to your wallet.
NFT benefits are not automatically added to your Lively account. You must click on the benefit and complete the checkout flow to complete the redemption process and add it to your account. At that point, the benefit will be marked as used even if the NFT is transferred to another person.
This process allows you to retain the additional value in your NFT that may come from exclusive access, events, offers and content on Lively.
What if I don't see NFT collections and benefits for NFTs in my wallet that should be redeemable on Lively?
There is a "Refresh" button in the NFT Collections section of Lively that will refresh the list of NFTs you own and look for any matching offers. If you have verified you have added your wallet address to your lively account, clicked "Refresh" and still aren't seeing NFTs you expect to have benefits on Lively, please contact us.
Can I disconnect my wallet and still redeem and access my benefits on Lively?
Yes, you may disconnect in MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. Any wallet addresses that have been added to your account on Lively will still be listed. You can refresh and redeem the NFT benefits from any browser by logging into Lively with your email and password.
Can I delete my Ethereum address from my Lively account?
You can remove your Ethereum address from your Lively account by clicking the X button next to the address and then confirm you would like to remove the address from our database. You will be able to keep any benefits you have claimed into your Lively account but will not receive new benefits until you reconnect your wallet.

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